VendHQ - POS Integration

VendHQ - POS Integration

Website builder is a free online tool for building your own website, it includes a free shopping cart that integrates with Vend. The integration with VendHQ is provided for free. Vend is a 3rd party product for managing your sales and stock control for both online and POS transactions simultaneously, Monthly fees apply for hosting your websites with website builder, and for using Vend which is paid to Vend.

When using VendHQ, our shopping cart will:

  • VendHQ Integration will let you import products and track stock levels while logging all your orders as sales in VendHQ
  • Import products into your catalogue by Vend Tag.
  • Pricebooks can be used to set the different price points for member pricing groups, 
  • you can use a pricebook to temporarily hold a sale on all or some items.
  • Pricebooks can also be used for bulk pricing (price breaks)
  • The available stock listed on your site will be the sum of the stock at every location you select.
  • You may want to create and use a register just for website sales so they can be easily told apart from other sales
  • different payment options on your website (PayPal, Bank Deposit) can map to the different payment types (Cash, Credit Card) in VendHQ
  • Stock levels are updated each night and new products will automatically appare on your website the next morning

What is VendHQ

VendHQ is a retail point-of-sale and stock management software. Not only can it be used to sell remotly via inhouse wifi devices like PDA's or Phones but it also sinks to your websites online store. managing both online sales and point of sales simultaniously. Daily sales from both online and retail can then be integrated into Xero (accounting Software) for reconciliation with your bank account, and you can even setup individual invoices and statements for on-account customers. provides the full features and functionality of a traditional retail management system, that is easy to use, can scale with your business and integrates directly into your websites online shopping cart

How to Demo

  1. Create a trial shopping website via our free website builder trial
  2. Hover over shopping tab, click on "API / Accounting"
  3. Click on Vend, then authenticate with Vend
  4. Configure your integration settings for Vend
  5. Import products from Vend into new or existing categories via the base of "add products" link
  6. Please note, that for ongoing Vend data integration, you will need to be on one of our premium hosting plans. 

Details of Our Vend Integration

  • All products can be imported to your website catalogue either by browsing vend product Tags, or by matching on product code. 
  • Our product code is matched against Vend SKU (or handle if there is no SKU). You can choose which you prefer if you like. 
  • Once products are imported, the quantities and pricing will be updated on a regular basis, if those options are selected. 
  • Other product details are not overwritten, unless you select a specific option. 
  • Product images of new products will be downloaded from Vend within a hour of product creation, but they are never overriden. 
  • All sales information from the website will be submitted to vend, including client data, using the configurable parameters for payment types and register names. 
  • Any new products can be added to the shopping cart, and these will automatically add to your vend inventory, if any sale occurs.
  • All client data from vend will be automatically imported into the websitebuilder members list, so you can run email campaigns. After the initial sync of data from vend, only new records are added. We do not overwrite data in either database. 
  • New clients will be created in vend on successful sale for an unlinked client. 

Example Configuration Options Screen


Please note that integrating 2 different systems, each running their own development cycles can lead to unforeseen data syncronisation issues. Therefore, all support related to settting up your Vend account, and/or ongoing support for any issues with the API and it's related data, will be chargeable at an ordinary hourly rate. Bugs will be looked at for free. But generally, confusion around expectations of a data syncronisation, is more of a consultancy job. 

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