Shopping Cart Reward Points Loyalty Scheme

Our loyalty points system is great for encouraging repeat business, and for encouraging your customers to make referrals.

Customers can earn points on each purchase, and once they have enough points, they can use the points to buy something from your existing catalogue.

They can also earn points (at a similar or different rate) for referrals. When they refer other customers to your website, we use special tracking code, that will remember the referral for several months until a referred purchase is made. The referrer will then earn more points, that can be redeemed in the same way. 


Configure your loyalty program in the discounts and vouchers setup area. 

All setup values need to be greater than 0. I suggest a good program would be spend at least $1 to earn 10cents per $1 spent. Then redeemable at $1 per point. And once you have accumulated $10 you can use it. This means that if the customer spends $100 over 3 purchases, they will have accumulated $10 to redeem. 


You should promote your program in your own words. 

Users will see how many points they have acrued in their order summaries. 

Users need to login to be able to use their points. 

Users can redeem their points on the last step of the checkout page. The points redemption feature will be enabled if the user has a points balance, and the redeem rate is > 0. 

You can include [mbr_points_balance] in your bulk emails to let customers know how many points they have in newsletters. 

Fully Automated Points System. 

Once you have enabled the points system, you don't need to do anything more except remind your customers about your program. Our system will take care of calculating points balances, tracking affiliate sales, promoting affiliate links and enforcing redemption rules. Just set and forget.